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A literal translation of “Credo” is ‘came to believe’. Credo is a weekend retreat beginning on Thursday evening and running through to Sunday evening.


The purpose of the Credo weekend retreat is to:

Lead those who are recovering from alcohol/drug addictions and other brokenness to the point in their lives where they can understand the importance of spirituality for daily living, and particularly in recovery.

Credo's History: 

Credo finds its roots in the Cursillo (meaning short course) movement which began in Spain shortly after WWII.  The Cursillo ministry is believed to be the first of many 4-day Walks with Christ and are generally driven by lay individuals.  The Cursillo movement birthed the Kairos (meaning God's Time) ministry in the late 1960's.  Stephen Max, Jude Hoffman's father was one of the founding members of Kairos.  Kairos addressed the spiritual needs of incarcerated men by ministering to the men and their families as well as those who work in the prison environment.  

Credo was birthed from the Cursillo/Kairos minstry.  Credo means "they came to believe"  Credo first started in New Jersey through the efforts of James Hoffman, Frank Rocks and about 10 other men in 1995.  WV/MD Men's Credo followed in 1997 through the efforts of Jude Hoffman.   WV/MD Women's Credo followed in 1998, founded by Emil and Carol Liptak.  Other chapters are still forming.

Who attends a Credo Recovery weekend? 

The Credo Ministry is open to all adults who are in recovery from brokenness, whether that brokenness is the

result of drug and alcohol addiction, physical and emotional abuse, depression, broken relationships, etc. 

The Credo weekend is designed to help participants understand the importance of a personal relationship with

Jesus Christ for daily living, particularly those in recovery.

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